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Service Times


Sunday School at 9:30am

Sunday Worship at 10:30am


Adult Service in the Main Sanctuary

B1-K Kids 1st through 5th grade downstairs with Chase and Zac.

Youth 6th through 12th grade downstairs with Pastor Derek

what's burlington first about?

Here's a few bullet points about our church's beliefs, and what you can expect from our pulpit.

  • Acts 1:8 "But, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses to Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." From a rural midwest revival, that headed to the west coast on Azuza Street, onto a small prayer meeting in Little Rock, AR, God was moving and impressing on individuals to seek His presence like never before. The Assemblies of God was birthed as a holiness movement and was established as a Fellowship of Believers in 1914. The Assemblies of God shares several similarities to other Pentecostal churches such as the Church of God, Four Square, and other Pentecostal churches. Some of the differences of these like-minded churches may include church administration, legalism, and tradition. The A.O.G. is not legalistic. However, we have not departed from the holiness by which we were established. For example, we do not condone the drinking of alcohol on any level. The A.O.G. differs from other churches, largely on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. What some find unfamiliar, is the the initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues. However, when you look at scripture in the New Testament, through the Apostle Paul's teachings, its clear that God pours His Spirit out intentionally and obviously. Although this baptism of the Holy Spirit is not essential for salvation, the ones who submit completely to God in this act of worship, open themselves up to be used in a greater capacity with lasting fruit.  

    One of the greatest manifestations of God's blessing through the A.O.G. movement, is our missions focus. The Assemblies boasts in Lord a robust and driven missions program that sends missionaries all over the globe. We have 2 key programs - Speed the Light and Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC). Speed the Light is largely responsible for purchasing modes of transportation and media equipment for missionaries. This program has also in recent years raised money for special projects such as disaster relief through Convoy of Hope, and building freshwater wells in remote areas of the world that has no access to clean water. BGMC has used the "buddy barrel" for many years, inspiring young kids to fill them with spare change. This advance is used to purchase literature and help missionaries in many facets. This missions movement is not just behind the glass, but is active in every local A.O.G. church, including Burlington First. 

  • We believe in the full council of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation. God inspired 40 men over a period of 1600 years to write HIS WORDS, conveying HIS meaning, by which we derive our doctrinal teachings. We are a church that believes in living a life of Biblical holiness. Pastor Jeff has been preaching for over 30 years. He grew up in the Church of God in southern MO, where he and his twin sisters grew up. It wasn't until he meet his wife Kim in an Assembly of God church that her dad pastored, that he and his family starting going to an Assemblies of God church. 

  • Along with the legacy of our Fellowship, we hold to Biblical standards by which every A.O.G. preacher adheres to. They are also a clear way to define what we believe as a church and as individuals. Make no mistake, the ONLY authority is the Word of God, and the ONLY way to Heaven is by believing in and confessing that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised back to life. The link below will take you to our fellowships webpage where you can see our 16 FUNDMENTAL TRUTHS. Along with that, from season to season, our leadership will prayerfully take stances on current events and issues through what is called "POSITION PAPERS." 

  • Our corporate worship is a mix of the songs of old like Washed in the Blood, Amazing Grace, and more modern songs that most would recognize from Christian radio. Pastor Derek leads worship and is particular about the songs he deems as actual "worship" songs. Our focus during worship is not to make a spectacle of ourselves on stage as to "up-stage" the Holy Spirit. When we become a distraction, then it becomes about us and not the God we are to worship. We do our best to create an atmosphere that's conducive to focusing on Jesus not just our cares and needs. Technically speaking, we take great care and notice of our sound mix, including volume and quality. Although it is impossible to please everyone, in the spirit of understanding, we do our best.